Why Solar Panels Is More Efficient Than Other Brands?

Why Solar Panels Is More Efficient Than Other Brands?

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There are many solar panels brands available in India. LG is one of the most popular brands, with its products being carried by national as well as international brands such as Atacama and Vivaxa. Let us take a look at some other names that come up on the list of leading solar energy equipment manufacturers in India.


LG Solar is the leading solar panels brand, and its high efficiency solar panel has a maximum of 20.8 percent of capacity to convert sunlight into electricity. However, they offer good quality products, which is a bit on the expensive side at the wholesale level. However, in the retail segment, it isn’t so costly when compared to the total installed system when considering the overall installation. This is what makes it more expensive for consumers. However, there are many good products in the market, that come at much cheaper prices. If you consider the warranty as well as the after-sales service offered, you can get a better product without compromising on the quality.


The next on the list of leading solar panels brands is JK PV. It is actually a part of the big brand Toshiba, which has already established a name for itself in the industry. It is one of the oldest manufacturers of solar panels, having started in 1930. The 30 years of experience that they have with solar system technology means that they are a leader in the industry, with a comprehensive range of solar systems available that also include storage systems for storing excess power generated by the solar system.


It is interesting to note that despite being one of the oldest solar panels brands, Enphase is actually considered as one of the best today. The reason behind this is that Enphase have extended their manufacturing capabilities to include high efficiency cells, which is able to offer even greater energy output than before. Enphase also offers a long and a wide product range. With this extensive range and their long production time, it enables them to keep up with the competition, whilst also maintaining their high standards of quality and performance.


There are many other brands out there, but two of the best solar panels brands around today are EPDM and Sunergy. They are both known for their energy performance, reliability, durability and excellent warranties. EPDM stands for ethylene diene terpolymer diene monomer, which is used as a core material in the making of solar panels.


Both these solar panels brands have made a name for themselves by manufacturing extremely efficient panels that can power your entire house for an affordable price. Their most efficient panels are able to produce up to an amazing three hundred kilowatts of power, which is more than enough to supply the electricity for your whole home. However, if you need a bit more, then you can add on another four hundred kilowatts. By using this extra power, your utility bill will drop considerably, and you will be able to save even more money on your monthly bills. This means that not only can you receive the energy savings that you paid for, but that you will also be able to pay less towards your annual property tax too.


As well as producing an extremely efficient panels, EPDM solar power cells are also incredibly durable. Unlike other brand cells, EPDM cells are made out of materials that do not break easily, meaning that they will last a lot longer than standard brands. Because they do not break easily, when you buy EPDM cells, you know that they are going to last for years. In fact, in terms of lifespan, these types of panels are about ten times longer than standard brands. So not only will you be saving money on your electricity bills, but you will also be able to reduce your carbon footprint and help the environment at the same time.


It is clear that solar panel efficiency does not have to be an expensive investment. When you use the correct cells, you can create an enormous amount of electricity, which will make your home more efficient and lower your costs. If you really want to take the energy efficiency of your home to the next level though, then by all means go and invest in solar panels. But remember that they do not need to cost the earth, so spend a little while thinking about what you could do with the extra electricity that you generate.

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