Real History of Konur Alp

Who was Konur Alp

Who was Konur Alp?

Real History of Konur Bey

The Army chief is one of the pillars of a nation’s survival. The more clever and powerful the army chief of a state, the more everyone will fear that state, and the enemies of that state will also fear them. A brave commander is an essential person for any state. He was such a brave commander during the establishment of the Ottoman Empire. He was fearless and intelligent—and Osman Ghazi has made immense contributions to establishing the state. The name of that brave hero is Kanur Alp. Let us know about the biography of this hero today. Real History of Konur Bey

Successors of Kannur Alp: We know that power or the responsibility of the Sultanate comes from the source of dynastic succession. But the responsibility of loyalty comes from the source of responsibility, which can be understood only by reading the biography of Kanuur Alp.

Kanur Alp’s grandfather was a trusted and loyal soldier and friend of Sulaiman Shah, the grandfather of Osman Ghazi. Many became separated from the Kayas as they travelled from Tiberiz to Aleppo and from Aleppo to Rome in the border regions. However, Kanur Alp’s grandfather was always with Sulaiman Shah. He was always by Tadar’s side and helped in times of danger.

Then, after the death of Sulaiman Shah, the Kayis moved to Sogu. Then Kanur Alp’s father, Tului Beg, moved to Sogu with Arturul Ghazi. Kanur Alp’s father, Tului Beg, was also a loyal soldier and friend of Arturul Ghazi. Tului Beg also showed his loyalty to Arturul Gazi just as his father had shown his loyalty to Sulaiman Shah. Obedience was a hereditary duty.

Birth and Childhood: Nothing has been written in history about the date of birth of Kanur Alp. But it has been said that he was slightly younger than Osman Ghazi. Generally speaking, 1-3 years. Osman Ghazi was born in 1252/53. So, it can be understood that Kanur Alp was born between 1254 and 1257. His childhood was like that of eight to ten other boys. Osman Gazi and Kanur Alp had a deep friendship since childhood. His childhood was spent with Osman Ghazi and other children in Sogut.

Married Life: According to historical data, Kanur Alp married a brave nomadic girl. It is even known that Kanur Alp got married a few days after Osman Ghazi’s marriage. Three children were born to them.

Campaigns and Conquests of Kannur Alp: Kanur Alp fought many battles in his lifetime, and in each battle, he showed bravery. He showed great courage during the conquest of Inegul. According to historical information, he fought many wars with Abdur Rahman Gazi and Samsa Chavus, Akchagocha, and expanded the boundaries of the Ottoman Empire far. You can also Visit

 Acius Victory: The conquest of Akiyas is an essential chapter in the conquest of the Kannur Alps. The people there were brave. Even the Seljuks tried to capture it earlier. Acius set out to conquer Connurus with five thousand soldiers. Abdi reached there in the evening, and after the morning prayer, the battle began. Allah Ta’ala gave victory to the Muslims. Akiyas were included within the boundaries of the Ottoman Empire.

 Conquest of Kannur City: The original name of this city is Handif / Handik. After Achius’s victory, he set out to conquer this city. He conquered this city more easily than Achaias. After conquering this city, he named it after himself.

 Doozes City Winner Kannur Alp:This city is famous for its beauty and commercial reasons. Everyone wants him to win. Finally, this great warrior also went out to conquer it. He also captured a small fort on the way. Kanur also destroyed Alp Mudurnu, Sakarya, and the cities of the Melan Basin.

His Personality: He was a trusted friend of Osman Ghazi. Their friendship was so deep that when Osman Ghazi spoke about the conquest of Bursa. He then promised to conquer it and was the army’s commander to beat Bursa under the reign of Orhan Gazi. He never left Osman Ghazi alone during his lifetime. Always by his side. 

He was a general by whom great commanders and governors were severely defeated. His courage was well known to all. Many of the territories he conquered were under his control. After his death, these territories were given to Shahzada Murad, who succeeded Orhan Gazi as Sultan.

Death and Burial: According to historians, Konur Alp died in 1328. And there is disagreement as to where he was buried. But the most accepted view is that Taco Duzse was buried. And at Sogut, there are tombs built by him for display.

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