Life of Cerkutay

Real life of Cerkutay

Real life of Cerkutay

Mongal, just hearing the name makes the body tremble. The conscience is stunned. This name is dyed in blood. This army destroyed everything wherever it went. No one, men, women, old or children, could escape their slaughter.

But the surprising thing is that the invitation to Islam started among them within a few days. And they also started coming under the shadow of Islam. Many great Mongol commanders also started accepting Islam. One of them was Cerkutay. Who was a Mongol commander? Later, he accepted Islam and became a soldier who dedicated his life to Islam. Let us know about his biography today.

Life of Cerkutay

 Birth and Childhood: It is not known where Alp was born in Cerkutay. However, he was born in a Mongol settlement. He lost his parents at a young age. The Mongols used to train fatherless little boys with them to fight harder and harder. The opposite was not the case with the Cerkutay Alp. He was trained in combat from childhood. He also learned all the training for war well. So it can be understood that he did not spend his childhood like eight or ten other boys. He did not see in his childhood what a mother’s love and father’s love are. Due to this, he becomes violent like Mars.

Duties of Commander: Because of his courage and bravery, the Mongol commander Gayhatu asked him to be part of his strong army. Then Cerkutay saw his violent attitude, made him a commander, and sent him to Balgai. Balgai makes him a commander in any battle and takes him with him.

Attack on the Turks: In Sogu, Osman Ghazi followed his father by attacking the Mongol forces at various times to fulfil his dream of an independent beylik. Because of this, Balgai came to the land of the Turks to stop them. And began a vigorous attack. They also attacked Osman Gazi’s residence. But Osman Ghazi was not in the settlement at that time. The Mongols attacked and burned the entire settlement. They spared no one, young, old, young or old. They killed everyone indiscriminately. Cherkutai was an army commander in that unit.

Life of Cerkutay

Conversion of Cherkutai to Islam: Balgai had two army commanders; One was Cherkuta, and the second was Kongar (Gokturk). The Gokturks converted to Islam shortly after Sogut’s arrival. Gokturk’s parents were killed and taken away by the Mongols when he was a child. He was a Muslim, but he didn’t know it.

When Osman Ghazi defeated Balgai and Balgai was killed in battle, Cherkutai was left alone. He can’t go to Geihatu, he can’t stay here. The Mongols could not see a defeated commander who had to face humiliation for the rest of his life. So Cherkutai was distraught and made a deal with Osman Gazi that he would help him in exchange for Osman Gazi giving him a gold coin. Thus, he stays in contact with Muslims long and sees their customs. As the day progressed, he became more and more fascinated. Muslims are so good; their rules are so beautiful. At some point, he accepted Islam.

Real life of Cerkutay

Battles of the Cerkutay Alps: After conversion to Islam, Cherkutai became Cherkutai Alp. He retained his previous name. He fought many battles with Osman Ghazi. Osman Gazi got the opportunity to conquer many cities through him. Because he was experienced in spying. One of the most significant victories in Osman Ghazi’s life is the victory of Inegul. During this heroic victory, Cherkutai Alp risked his life to spy on the enemy.

And went into battle with a sword during the war. And during the Marmarajik conquest, he remained in the guise of a spy. And he opened the gates from within for the Muslim forces. While opening this gate, he was seriously injured. He conquered many more forts with Osman Ghazi and participated in every battle with Osman Ghazi. The forts he contributed to, Inegul, Marmaragic, Yenisehar, Bilecic, Kita, and Bursa, also accompanied Orhan in the conquest.

Real history of Jerkutay

Married Life: He first married Osman Gazi’s cousin Aigul Hatun Aigul Hatun Inegul, who died in battle after being shot by an arrow during the conquest. Aigul Hatun was a brave woman. Cherkutai Alp collapsed on his death. There was no child in his house. Then, all three married a very ordinary woman. He had a child with that woman.

Personality Assessment: He was a funny man, making everyone laugh. And he used to eat a little too much, so everyone beat him with food mischievously. He was Osman Ghazi’s as Mahajan. He also served as army chief for a few years. After accepting Islam, his violent attitude disappeared utterly. After converting to Islam, Bamsi Bayrek adopted him as his son. After his death, Bamsi Bayrek bequeathed two of his famous tolas to be given to Cherkutai Alp.

  Death and Burial: How long Cherkutai Alp lived has yet to be ascertained. But he has long lived. He died many years after the death of Osman Ghazi. And where he was buried is yet to be known for sure. But they built a shrine in Sogu.

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