Life of Elcim Hatun

Real History of Elcim Hatun

Real History of Elcim Hatun

Elcim Hatun in Kurulus Osman Series

Assalamu Alaikum, I hope everyone is well. Today, we will discuss the biography of Elsim Hatun, a new character in the Kurulus Osman series, inshallah. History is full of stories of Ottoman sultans and the wives of Ottoman sultans. Every character belonging to this great Sultanate is essential and dignified. Despite the passage of hundreds of years, these characters are still alive in the hearts of fans, and the audience is interested in knowing about their lives. One such historical character is Elsim Hatun.

Elsim Hatun’s real name in history is Eftandiz Hatun. She is a natural daughter of Turkish descent. Historians said Elsim Hatun was born around 1290 in Anatolia. His father’s name was Gunduz Bey. He was the head of an inner branch of the Kayi branch. Elsim Hatun was Gunduz Bay’s only daughter. Elsim Hatun was a brave warrior; her contributions were found in various battles. Real History of Elcim Hatun

In history, to be a brave Sultan’s wife, it is necessary to have several qualities; the sultan’s wives must be brave enough to overcome the difficult moments in the sultan’s absence. Elsim Hatun was such a brave woman. Elsim Hatun’s name can be found in the list of Orhan Gazi’s wives in history.

Some historians mention the name of Elsim Hatun as the second wife of Orhan Gazi. According to some, Orhan Gazi had four marriages for the sake of the state. Many historians say that Orhan Gazi had at least seven wives. First is Nilufar Hatun, a Christian princess of Greek origin. Thus, Hulofira Hatun, shown in the current series, is Orhan Gazi’s first marriage.

Hulofira, Nilufa Hatun Orhan Gazi’s successor Sultan. Murad’s mother. Hopefully, this continuity will be maintained in the Kurulus Osman series. The second, Asporsa Hatun, was a noblewoman of Byzantine Greek origin. She was the mother of two sons and two daughters of Orhan Gazi. For political reasons, Osman Ghazi gave him ownership of some villages.

The third, Melek Hatun, is believed to have been of Seljuk descent. Fourth is Effendi Hatun. He is also known as Elsim Hatun in Effendi. Historians believe that she was the daughter of Mahmud Alp. Also, Orhan Gazi’s wife was Theodora Kantakouzen, the mother of Orhan Gazi’s child Halil Bey. There was also Theodora Uros, the daughter of Stefan IV Dusan. Never mind that all these wives were together. For example, the last one, Theodora Uros, is said to have been married to Orhan Gazi in her late life. Another thing is that most of Orhan Gazi’s marriages were for political and friendly relations.

In the popular Turkish series Kurulus Osman, Elsim Hatun is shown as a descendant of a Kayi Hayme Ma Hatun; this could be due to two things: first, when Ertugurul Gazi moved to the border area and gradually, when the Kayi started to spread out in all directions. Kayi began to develop. You can also visit

Also, the chief of a settlement was Gunduz Bey, and Gunduz Bey’s daughter was Elsim Hatun. Gunduz Bey lived in Anatolia, where they had to survive fighting with the Martian forces at various times. So Elsim Hatun grew up fighting from a young age and spent his adulthood fighting against the Martian forces. Also, according to another piece of information, Elcim Hatun will be someone from Artugrul Gazi’s mother clan. Thus, Elsim Hatun will be Haymey’s brother’s grandson. Elcim Hatun in Kurulus Osman Series

There is another piece of information about the Elsim Hatun clan. We who have seen the Dirilis Ertugrul series all know that Ertugrul Gazi decided to come to the border area to free themselves from Anatolia to establish a significant state after the death of Artugrul Gazi’s father, Sulaiman Shah. But many people opposed his decision, and then Ertugrul Gazi left with some of his supporters for the border area. Then Artugrul Gazi’s two brothers, Sungur Tekin, and Gunduz Bey, also opposed him and stayed with Kayi.

Kayi settlement is divided into two. Later, when Artugurul Gazi became successful in the border area, Sungun Tekin Bay and Gunduz Bay gradually moved to the border area. A part of the Kayi settlement was still in Anatolia. When Gunduz Bey and Sungur Tekin Bera died slowly, Elsim Hatun’s father, Gunduz Bey, took over the Kayi settlement in Anatolia, which we can see in the current Kurulus Osman series.

What is the reason for the concealment of Elsim Hatun’s identity in the Kurulus Osman series and Osman coming to their border area? Gunduz Bey said this in the last episode, which many people did not understand; we explained the matter from history; at that time, Olzaytu Khan was the head of Mangal in Anatolia. He accepted Islam. But for power, he used it to oppress the people.

To strengthen himself and his army, Olzaytu Khan would marry the daughters of the heads of various large settlements in Anatolia or match them to Mangal’s prominent commanders so that the soldiers of those settlements would come under Olzaytu Khan’s control.

As part of Olzaytu Khan’s plan, he wanted to marry Elsim Hatun, a Gunduz Ber girl. And Gunduz wished to control the army. Then Gunduz Bey Elsim concealed Hatun’s identity and brought him to Osman Bey’s shelter in the border area. According to history, Orhan Gazi will be married Elsim Hatun later.

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