Who is Bamsi Beyrek?

Real History of Bamsi Beyrek

Real History of Bamsi Beyrek

Who is Bamsi Beyrek?

Introduction: If you’re familiar with the Ertugrul Ghazi series, you undoubtedly recognize the actor who brings Bamsi to life on screen. However, imagine being told that this beloved character is not based on reality, or worse, that the historical timeline in which Ertugrul lived did not align with the events depicted in the series. In today’s discussion, we will explore these intriguing possibilities. Our focus will be on unraveling the authenticity of the character known as Bamsi Bay, or Babur, as portrayed in Ertugrul Ghazi. Join us as we navigate the delicate balance between historical accuracy and the captivating narrative crafted for our entertainment. Real History of Bamsi Beyrek

How can people know about Bamsi Beyrek?: People became aware of the individual, but the question arises: did such a person truly exist during the Ottoman Empire, engaging in battles alongside Ertugrul Ghazi? His bravery was remarkable. In reality, he was known as Bamsi. 

Although there may be uncertainties about the historical accuracy of the events or the person, one thing is certain – there was indeed an individual by the name of Bamsi. However, it is essential to note that while his existence is confirmed, the narrative portrayed in Ertugrul Ghazi may embellish his interactions with Ertugrul Ghazi or Osman Ghazi, Ertugrul Ghazi’s son. In truth, such encounters may be a fabrication, as the character of Bamsi is showcased in Ertugrul Ghazi to present a captivating depiction of a valiant individual. Real History of Bamsi Beyrek

In the past, an individual who had played a significant role alongside Ertugrul Ghazi, contributing to the elevation of the Turks through his remarkable courage, was incorporated into the narrative. This inclusion aimed to showcase his character and emphasize the existence of a brave figure named Bamsi, born in the Turk Kom. Bamsi, dedicated to uplifting the Islamic world and its people, played a crucial role in these endeavors. Notably, there is no visual representation of Ertugrul Ghazi’s son or Ertugrul Ghazi himself. It’s worth mentioning that the Oghuz Turks have a renowned book titled “Dede Kurkut.”

Birth and Childhood Bamsi Beyrek:

He was not given a name after his birth. His father was the head of a settlement. Once in childhood, a caravan was passing by their settlement. Bandits attacked the settlement. Then a boy fought with two swords in both hands and defeated the bandits. Seeing this, the head of the caravan told his father about this incident. Then his father named him Bamsi.

Joining Arturul Ghazi’s Army by Bamsi Beyrek:

Bamsi Bayrek’s father died shortly after that incident Then Bamsi Beyrek’s brother sat in the father’s seat, and Bamsi Beyrek moved towards Anatolia. He was desperate to fight the infidels. He hears that Arturul Ghazi, the son of the head of the Kayi settlement, has formed an organization called “Tanjim Al Ukhwah.” He became an active member of this organization and became a trusted friend and soldier of Arturul Ghazi. You can also visit

Campaigns and Conquests by Bamsi Beyrek:

He participated in every battle with Arturul Ghazi. He was Erturul Ghazi’s friend who helped him in difficult times. Once in a battle with the Christians, Erturul Ghazi was seriously injured, and the enemy almost killed him. He, along with Erturul Gazi, conquered many other forts, including Karajahisar, Kulujahisar, and a few taverns. Erturul Gazi’s son Osman Gazi conquered several other forts, including Bilezik.Osman Ghazi gave him Jagir in Biljik.

Married Life of Bamsi Beyrek:

Everyone thought that this stupid man might never get married. Because if you talk to him about marriage, he gets angry. But fate had a different game; Erturul Gazi one day gave him the responsibility of a hillbilly in a certain place. As he was guarding there, a Christian girl came running and asked him for help. 

He helps the girl. Actually, she was the daughter of a Christian governor. He falls in love with the girl, and she falls in love with him Finally, the girl becomes a Muslim and marries him. Her Christian name was Helena, and after converting to Islam, she was named Hafsa Khatun. 

They have a daughter and a son. The son’s name was Aybars, who later became a friend of Osman Gazi. Just as Bamsi Bayrek was faithful to Erturul Gazi, Aybers was also faithful to Osman Gazi. He even martyred himself while saving Osman Ghazi in the war. The daughter of Bamsi died of an epidemic at a young age.

Personality Assessment of Bamsi Beyrek:

He was a very simple man, faithful to his leader. He was very brave in battle and could kill many people alone. It is said that this is why Tina was called the mountain bear. But his married life was very sad. During his lifetime, he, his sons and daughters, and his wife all died. In his last life, he adopted Cherkutai Alp as his son and bequeathed two of his famous swords to be given to Cherkutai.

Death of Bamsi Beyrek:

He lived for many years. It is said that he was four years older than Erturul Ghazi. But even after Erturul Gazi’s death, he spent many years with Osman Gazi. According to historical data, he lived for 128 years. That is, from 1187 to 1315. He died fighting the Mongols in 1315. 

Tomb of Bamsi Beyrek:

Prior to his portrayal in the Ertugrul Ghazi series, this individual was relatively unknown, with only a simple marker bearing his name at his cemetery grave. However, with the depiction of his character in the serial, public awareness grew, and the number of visitors to his gravesite steadily increased. Responding to this surge in interest, the Turkish government transformed his grave into a proper tomb by constructing walls around it. Today, numerous pilgrims visit the tomb to offer prayers, seeking blessings through his connection with Allah.

It’s essential to clarify that the portrayal of this character in the series deviates from historical accuracy. The timelines do not align, as Bamsi, associated with Babar, predates the era of Ertugrul Ghazi. Nevertheless, the existence of a courageous individual named Bamsi, known for his distinctive dual-sword fighting style and the depicted Haduri, remains true to some extent, as showcased in the serial.

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