Learn about the 5 Best Alps of Osman Gazi

5 Best Alps of Osman Gazi

5 Best Alps of Osman Gazi

No hero in history has ever succeeded without his companions. Behind a hero’s success lies the contribution of hundreds of brave soldiers. Only then does a hero’s name enter the pages of history. But the history of all those courageous soldiers hardly finds a place in the pages of history. Today, we will discuss Osman Gazi’s top five fighters.

 1/ Boran Alp:

He was Osman Ghazi’s closest and dearest friend. He knew all her secrets and was also her assistant. He remained loyal to Osman Ghazi till his death. It is not known what year he was born. But he was the same age as Osman Ghazi. Nothing is known about his parents, and it is believed that he was orphaned from childhood.

His childhood was spent in Kai’s settlement. Since then, he has been a friend of Osman Ghazi. His contribution to the establishment of the Ottoman Empire was immense. Because he used to protect the secrets of Osman Ghazi well, he was also a brave warrior. He was experienced in archery. He mostly used arrows in battle. During his married life, he married Gonja Khatun. He had no children in his house.

Before that, Gonja Khatun was martyred in an attack by enemies. It is not known whether he remarried after that. But he loved Gonja Khatun very much. He was devastated by her death. And went almost half mad. Osman Ghazi took revenge on the enemies. He was with Osman Ghazi in every victory. He conquered Inegul, Belezic, Marmarazic, Kita and other forts with Osman Gazi. And he was with Osman Ghazi in every battle. But historically, very little information is available about him. It is not known in what year he died. However, there is a shrine built by him in Turkey.

 2/ Samsa Chavus:

He was a mighty warrior of Osman Ghazi. But he was older than Osman Ghazi. Samsa Chavus was a soldier of Arturul Gazi. He was the head of a settlement. He was under the Kayas. Because he had immense faith in Arturul Ghazi. After the death of Arturul Ghazi, he obeyed his son Osman Ghazi, But it did not last long. However, he was one of Osman Ghazi’s greatest strengths. One thing to know here is that Dirilis Arturul’s Samsa Chavus and Kurulus Osman’s Samsa Chavus are one.

Samsa Chavus survived after Arturul Gazi. And was the companion of Osman Ghazi. His year of birth is not known. He had a considerable body. And was very strong. He conquered many forts with Osman Ghazi and spent many years with him. But historically, it is known that Osman Gazi was angry. Samsa Chavus was also angry because of some incident between the two. Later, Samsa Chavus moved to another place with his settlement. But he returned after 10/12 years when Osman Ghazi struggled to establish the state. And death lives with Osman Ghazi. Nothing is known about his marital life. It is not even known in what year he died.

  3/ Gokturk Alp:

He was Osman Ghazi’s left hand. He was one of the strongest soldiers who opened the fort’s gates despite taking six to seven arrows in the chest on the battlefield. He was born into a Muslim family, But when they were young, the Mongols attacked and destroyed their entire settlement. And took him prisoner. His brother managed to escape to the Kanur Alps. One important thing to know here is that Kanur Alp was a historical character. And there was a cut on his cheek.

Both Kanur Alps have a cut on their cheeks in the series. Although the series shows two different characters, it needs to be corrected. The Mongols named him “Kongar”. He became the Mongol commander because of his experience. and came to Sogu to attack the Turks. But after coming here, his life changed radically.

Kanur Alp convinced him they were his brothers and that he was a Muslim by birth. He also remembers everything. Finally, he accepted Islam again. And became a devoted soldier for Islam. After accepting Islam, his name was Gokturk Alp. After that, he fought bravely with Usman Ghazi in every battle. He could not marry. Before that, he was martyred by the Mongol commander Gayhatu.

4/ Cherkutai Alp:

It is not known where Alp was born in Cherkuta. However, he was born in a Mongol settlement. He lost his parents at a young age. The Mongols used to train fatherless boys to fight harder and harder with them. The opposite was not the case with the Cherkutai Alp. He was trained in combat from childhood. He also learned all the training for war well. So it can be understood that he did not spend his childhood like eight or ten other boys. He did not see in his childhood what a mother’s love and father’s love are. Due to this, he became violent like Mars.

Balgai had two army commanders; One was Cherkuta, and the second was Kongar (Gokturk). When Osman Ghazi defeated Balgai and Balgai was killed in battle, Cherkutai was left alone. He cannot go to Geihatu, nor can he stay here. The Mongols could not see a defeated commander who had to face humiliation for the rest of his life. So Cherkutai became distraught and made a deal with Usman Ghazi that he would help him in exchange for Osman Ghazi giving him a gold coin.

Thus, he stays in contact with Muslims long and sees their customs. As the day progressed, he became more and more fascinated. Muslims are so good, their rules are so beautiful. At some point, he accepted Islam. He conquered many more forts with Osman Ghazi and participated in every battle with Usman Ghazi. The forts to which he contributed, Inegul, Marmaragic, Yenisehar, Bilecic, Kita, and Bursa, also accompanied Orhan in the conquest. How long Cherkutai Alp lived has yet to be ascertained. But he has lived for a long time. He died many years after the death of Osman Ghazi. And where he was buried is yet to be known for sure. But they built a shrine in Sogu.

5/ Konur Alp:

He was a trusted friend of Osman Ghazi. Their friendship was so deep that when Osman Ghazi spoke about the conquest of Bursa. He then promised to conquer it and was the army’s commander to beat Bursa under the reign of Orhan Gazi. He never left Osman Ghazi alone during his lifetime. Always by his side.

 He was a general by whom great commanders and governors were severely defeated. His courage was well known to all. Many of the territories he conquered were under his control. After his death, these territories were given to Shahzada Murad, who succeeded Orhan Gazi as Sultan. You can also visit

Nothing has been written in history about the date of birth of Kanur Alp. But it has been said that he was slightly younger than Osman Ghazi. Eight or ten other boys had the same childhood. Osman Gazi and Kanur Alp had a deep friendship since childhood. His childhood was spent with Osman Ghazi and other children in Sogu. According to historical data, Kanur Alp married a nomad brave girl. It is even known that Kanur Alp got married a few days after Osman Ghazi’s marriage. Three children were born to them.

Kanur Alp fought many battles in his lifetime, and in each battle, he showed bravery. He showed great courage during the conquest of Inegul. According to historical information, he fought many wars with Abdur Rahman Gazi and Samsa Chavus, Akchagocha and expanded the boundaries of the Ottoman Empire far. Notable cities he conquered: He participated in every battle with Yenisehar, Akiyas, Kanur, Dujs, Sakarya, Mudurnu, and the cities of the Milan Basin, and with Osman Ghazi.

According to historians, Konur Alp died in 1328. And there is disagreement as to where he was buried. But the most accepted view is that Taco Duzse was buried. And at Sogut, there are tombs built by him for display. Read more Historical News

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